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What Is Reiki? Everything You Need to Know

What is Reiki? How does this technique work? Is Reiki helpful for everyone? If you have these questions in mind, this article points at everything you need to know.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese procedure that uses an energy transfer healing technique to manage disease symptoms and improve general well-being. In this technique, the practitioner employs universal positive energies and transfers them to you by placing their hands either directly on you or just above different areas of your body.

It’s a common belief that the practitioner stimulates your body’s natural remedial abilities through this technique. Let’s dive into the article with us to know about the history, benefits, and side effects of this therapy.

Where Does Reiki Come from Exactly?

In the early 1920s, Mikao Usui in Japan introduced the term ‘Reiki’ with his intense spiritual practices and techniques. During the last four years of his life, Usui worked with Hayashi- a retired naval officer, to excerpt the healing practices and opened a Reiki clinic in Tokyo. After that, Takata- a Japanese- American, became the devoted student of Hayashi after receiving Reiki for a number of her medical conditions.

With Hayashi’s guidance, she brought this therapy technique to Hawaii and then to the US Mainland. She taught the Reiki to others. Subsequently, it gained fame and is now practiced all over the World, although not usually in the traditional form Takata taught. To sum up, that’s the Reiki history.

How Does Reiki Work for Wellness?

Are you wondering how does Reiki works for wellness? We know, for a fact, that it helps lessen the impact of stress, releasing tension from the entire system; however, how exactly does Reiki release tension and help to heal the body? Although there is no particular evidence, a few theories suggest how does Reiki perform.

A popular belief suggests that Reiki, being a complex process, engages many bodily systems simultaneously and shifts them from sympathetic to the parasympathetic mode of action. That is to say, from ‘fight or flight response to relaxation mode and activates the body healing mechanisms by triggering on a sub-physical level.

Health Benefits of Receiving Reiki

Reiki is an ancient yet effective therapy that offers promising results. Whether you are receiving Reiki for body ailments, mind relaxation, sleep deprivation, emotional trauma healing or, to enhance immune system response, Reiki exhibits endless health benefits. Let’s familiarize ourselves with the following benefits of receiving this therapy.

Cures Anxiety & Depression

Are you suffering from depression and anxiety issues for quite a long time? Are you tired of worthless medications and want a permanent stop to these problems? This therapy relieves depression by radiating universal positive vibes in young and older adults. It is effective in alleviating anxiety attacks, enhancing self-care and love.

Relieves Pain & Fatigue

Do you feel lethargic all the time and often experience body pain? Researches reveal that Reiki is as potent as physiotherapy for relieving lower back pain in patients suffering from a herniated disc. Moreover, it significantly reduces body pain and maintains breathing rate without affecting pulse rate or blood pressure.

Releases Tension & Uplifts Mood

Reiki session allows your mind to focus on current events without holding onto past mistakes, release muscle tension without fretting on anxieties about the future with its positive vibes. This therapy triggers the self-healing state and purifies your body from negative energies. It stimulates the release of hormones that soothe the jittering nerves and uplifts your mood.

Promotes Body Relaxation

What many people love about Reiki is that the magic starts within minutes of therapy. The positive vibe transfer clears your head of anxieties, releases the muscle tension & stress of the day, releases neurotransmitters, and promotes body relaxation. People with this therapy showed impressive results with improved emotional and mental balance.

Alleviates Headache & Migraine

How does Reiki work for headache and migraine problems? Is it successful in getting rid of this nerve-wracking and worrisome situation? Reiki takes a non-invasive yet efficient approach when it comes to dealing with headaches. The body releases neurotransmitters and hormones when the practitioner uses hands and transfers energy; thereupon, alleviating the migraine.

Enhances Immune System Response

Do you have a weak immune system and want to improve it? The positive benefits of Reiki enhance immune system response by invoking the body’s natural healing process.

Furthermore, it reminds your body to develop the guard system, cleanse the toxins from the system and, protect the body from foreign substances.

Treats Insomnia

When you receive the therapy, your body loosens and relaxes, and a sense of calmness washes over. Hence, your eyes start drooping and, you feel sleepy. Recent researches revealed that it is effective in improving sleeping patterns & mind relaxation, invigorating self-assurance by releasing hormones from the pituitary.

Effective for Other Issues

Reiki targets more than one problem within your body by its energy transfer technique. In general, Reiki proves to be successful for diseases like cardiovascular issues, cancer, chorionic fatigue syndrome, infertility. Moreover, this therapy intends to cure disorders that affect your brain including, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s disease.

About Reiki Treatment

Are There Any Side Effects of Reiki?

Now that we figured the questions like what is Reiki? What are its benefits; let’s discuss its side effects. Although it is known to be a safe technique, you can experience the following side effects.

Discomfort Sensation

During reiki therapy, you lie on some massage table or stool in a dimly lit room; you need to stay as still as possible with the practitioner standing over your head. Henceforth, some people lose their calm and start getting a discomfort sensation in that atmosphere.

Sudden Drop in Blood Oxygen

Although not necessary, sometimes the blood oxygen levels drop in patients dealing with any disorder. Researches revealed that some persons also feel dizzy while undergoing therapy.
Now the point is; the root problem can be either an inexperienced practitioner or the person itself.

How to Choose a Qualified Reiki Practitioner?

Are you thinking about how to choose a qualified reiki practitioner? Are you unfamiliar with this technique and find it difficult to trust the person? Don’t worry- no reiki trainer needs any particular background or credentials; however, experience matters for performing a therapy session. You can ask your friend who does Reiki, a healthcare professional or simply, look for them in your community.

Furthermore, word of mouth matters if you are looking for a repute reiki practitioner. You can get an appointment with them without a hitch through mobiles numbers and emails.

What Does Research Say About Reiki?

To make a treatment reputed and recommended, healthcare practitioners need evidence that the treatment is safe and effective. Up to the present time, there have been no reported negative feedbacks related to Reiki and, that speaks volumes. Thus, medical researches include it among the effective therapies for restoring balance and treating ailments.

Furthermore, it regulates homeostasis by maintaining heart and breathing rate, blood pressure, and circulation, acting as a stress buster and anxiety reliever.

How and Where Can I Get Reiki?

Are you looking for the right place to get Reiki? Many medical clinics and hospitals offer reiki therapy. Moreover, suppose you are receiving Reiki for relieving chronic pain. In that case, many local groups that help people with fibromyalgia or cancer might help you find some practitioner in your area.

Now comes the question of how to get the right practitioner in the first place? It’s easy; make sure to check the background and working experience of the practitioner during your first visit. In addition, you can also ask them to describe the procedure and, you can make the right choice then.

Is Reiki and Chiropractic Therapy Same?

Let’s familiarize ourselves with chiropractic therapy before we move forward. Chiropractic therapy is a procedure that uses a hands-on approach or a small instrument to improve spinal motion and align the musculoskeletal structures properly. Now comes the question; are Reiki and chiropractic the same thing? Reiki uses an energy transfer procedure to stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

While, on the other hand, chiropractic therapy coaxes the body to release the tension or whatever it’s holding onto( even if it’s emotional tension) that promises more productive results. Now that we differentiated both the therapies, can they be used altogether? If you use Reiki along with chiropractic therapy, it can do wonders for your body, and recent researches are living proof of the fact. It helped infertile women, persons dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression issues.

The Bottom Line

In our guide about ‘What is Reiki’ – were you able to find what you were seeking out? Researches revealed it’s a natural healing procedure that promotes mental and physical relaxation. In short, Reiki has the potential to bring about many impressive benefits with promising results.

During a session, the practitioner reduces the stress and anxiety by transferring the healing energy that lasts for about 45-90 minutes. We recommend giving it a shot if you are interested even a bit in what it offers.

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