What is Weight Training? Here’s All What You Need to Know

Along with mental health physical health of the human body is also very important. Keeping this aspect in mind, a lot of individuals choose to work out to strengthen up their bodies. In the era where diet and workout are doing wonders, we see a lot of people mixing up different workout techniques. A lot of new emerging workout regimes are also the talk of the town.

Some of us are inspired by yoga, while others think only cardio works for them. Some of us are rushing to swimming classes while others are busy weight training. But as a beginner, do you know how these regimes differ? Do you understand what suits your body best? Well, to differentiate between them, we come up with the idea to explain them. The following reading talks about weight training, different types of weight training, and how one can start it as a beginner.

What is Weight Training?

Weight training is strength training that is carried out using dumbbells, weight machines, and barbells. By using different weights, muscles of the human body get activated. The activated muscles get strong once the weight is applied to them directly.

If you are looking for some strength gaining weight training, we recommend you understand and learn proper training. Sometimes, we see our friends working out in the gym or refer to random YouTube videos for weight training education. However, these methods may not turn out to be effective. If you learn about weight training randomly, you may end up with the wrong information. The wrong information and immature techniques can cause severe injuries like sprains, fractures, and sprains.

We always recommend hiring a personal training in the beginning. The professionals can provide you with the best possible knowledge on weight training. At the same time, they can introduce you to different techniques. The wide range of choices would help you choose what you like and what you need the most. The trainers also guide you about your body requirements and specific work areas, if there are any on your body.

How to Start a Weight Training as a Beginner

If you are thinking of starting weight training but don’t know where to start, let us help you. If you are a newbie to weight training, you need to ask yourself these four basic questions.

What kit do you need? The kit of weight training does not usually require a lot of fancy machinery. Rather you would require just cables, a couple of dumbbells, and kettlebells. Once you get them, you can start the weight training from the very basic. These necessities of weight training would get you covered for the first step of weight training. Once you are out of your beginner’s zone, you can always upgrade the equipment a bit.

How Much Time Will It Takes To Build Strength?

The best thing about weight lifting is you can see improvements in your body in a relatively short amount of time. If you have just started weight lifting, you can see the change in your muscles from 20% to 30% within a couple of weeks. But understand that consistency is the key. Hitting the gym for a week and then taking off for the next week may not provide you with the best results. Thus, be consistent with your routine, and you would see the difference in your physic within a month.

Can You Build Strength Without Weights?

The answer to this question is: Yes. You can build strength by not using weights. As a beginner in strength training, you can use your body weight to build up your muscles. However, if you are aiming specifically for weight training results, we are afraid you need to use certain weight equipment.

What Should You do to Build Strength?

As a beginner, you can work out using resistance training. In this training, you can work on your muscles using your body weight. You can improve your planks, squats, and chin-ups. Once you get better at them, you can use a prop such as a dumbbell may be to increase stimulation in your muscles. The stimulation can provide you with a maximum strength of muscles.

Best Type of Strength Training Which Is Best for You

  • Bodybuilding

It is one of the most traditional forms of weight lifting. Here you use heavy weights, machinery, and different equipment’s to have isolation exercises. Bodybuilding aims to provide you with sculpted physic. If you are aiming for V-shaped body and T muscles, this workout maybe is for you.

  • Olympic Lifting

A form of power training, Olympic lifting features explosive movements, the snatch, and the clean and jerk, to move maximal loads off the ground and over your head. The lifts use all the muscles in the body, so Olympic lifting can be a very time-efficient way to train. They’re also fun movements to perform due to their explosive nature.

  • Power building

It is a new technique comparatively. The power building just has three main lifts in it. Thus, it is always desirable to combine powerlifting with bodybuilding. The combination of both techniques can create a friendly boosting workout regime for you. If you are aiming to get big muscles, the power building is for you.

  • Powerlifting

The technique which uses low reps and very heavy loads is powerlifting. The bench squats, deadlift, and bench press are the three main lifters in the technique. If you are aiming for a lot of strength, this regime is for you. Powerlifting is known to provide you with the utmost strength. The technique can surely provide you with a lot of strength, but the muscle formation may not be very visible in it.

  • Bodyweight training

If you are a beginner with no equipment whatsoever, this training program is for you. The bodyweight training allows you to have all the strength just by using your weight. Chin-ups, planks, and squats can be an example of bodyweight training. If you are moving a lot but want your weight training to be most convenient and fulfilling, go for this regime. It allows you to work out using your body weight.

  • Cross Fit

The technique combines the use of both heavyweights and high-volume exercises. Cross Fit aims to provide you with big body changes such as weight loss. The best part about cross Fit is that it allows you to monitor progress. A lot of Cross Fit exercises allow you to through things, exercise, and monitor the timing of the technique. If you are aiming for an intense workout, this strength training is for you.

Weight Training

Picks the Best Weight Training

If you are a beginner and do not know what sort of weight training would be best for you, we recommend you understand the exercises given below. The exercises are given with specific body parts. This indicates how a certain exercise would help you built strength in a certain area. You can look upon them, and for each body part, you only need to choose one or two exercises of your choice.

  • Chest: Bench press, Chest press, Push-ups
  • Abdominals: Crunches, Reverse crunches, Wood chops, Pelvic tilts
  • Biceps: Biceps curls, Hammer curls, Concentration curls
  • Shoulders: Overhead press, Lateral raise, Front raise
  • Triceps: Triceps extensions, Dips, Kickbacks
  • Lower Body: Squats, Lunges, Leg press, Deadlifts, Calf raises
  • Back: One-arm row, Back extensions, Lat pull downs

Benefits of Weight Training

Weight training is full of benefits like any other workout regime. However, if you are weight training, you would end up having a lot of extra benefits as well. The benefit of weight training involves improvement in mood. Research shows that weight training releases a lot of endorphins in the body, which fights depression and anxiety as well as improves mood. Weight training also increases metabolism and burn more fat. As muscles get activated more than fat, so more you work out, the more you will burn your fat.

Furthermore, weight training allows you to avoid injury and stay young. It keeps you fit and makes your muscles strong, which in return can help you with the avoidance of injury. It may also boost your confidence. Anytime you work out and feel good about your body, it would help you in boosting your self-confidence.

How Does Weight Training Help with Weight Loss

Weight training does not only provide you with strength but, at the same time, can help you achieve your desired body. Weight training activates your muscles, and metabolism within the body increases. The increase in metabolism helps in the burning of fat. The fat burn becomes more efficient, and you end up losing more weight.

How Much Weight Training is Enough?

The stats are different and what is “enough” really depends on your body type and aim. However, research shows that weight training would help muscle growth if you hit the weights two to three times a week. The rigorous training may require you to be at the gym for five days. So, it depends on how much you want to shed or grow in the form of muscles. If you are a beginner, we recommend you consult your instructor and understand your body. Your instructor can guide you the best on the matter.

Are Weight Training and Cardio Same?

The simple answer to this question is NO. Weight training and cardio are two different regimes that mean they are not the same, and the results they produce may not be the same as well. Cardio surely helps you lose more weight than weight training. However, on the other hand, weight training may elevate your metabolism for a longer period.

It is always advised to do both the regimes in different sessions. You can do cardio in the daytime and weight lifting later in the day. Moreover, you can also plan your week in a manner that you do cardio for two days, followed by weight training for three days a week. To lose weight, the combination of both the workouts in different sessions can do wonders for you.

Weight lifting would help you to build muscles and provide you with strength. Cardio can also be done in the form of any sport. So maybe start your day with swimming for half an hour or playing badminton for an hour. Once you are done with cardio, you can do 20-30 minutes of weight training in the evening. 

The Bottom Line 

The bottom line is that weight lifting is a must-have regime in your workout if you want to gain more strength. Weight lifting helps you with burning fat, boosting your energy, and at the same time may also help with mental health issues if you have any.

The beginner’s guide to weight training is the most convenient form of workout. You don’t need to hit the gym; you need to invest in heavy machinery and no fancy diet to combine. As you start your weight training, understand that a healthy diet would do wonders for you. Just try to avoid greasy and high-carb food.

As for the training itself, you can start working out using your body weight. Maybe start working on your squats, pushups, planks, and chin-ups. Once you see that your strength has improved, you can buy maybe a couple of dumbbells and kettlebells. Moreover, understand that weight training does not require you to work out only using specific weights and equipment. Anything of appropriate weight can do the job. So, start your weight training today since you know all about it now!

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