Why Are Podcasts So Popular? The Reasons You Should Know

Have you ever tried any Podcasts? Possibly, you never heard of it till now! The podcast is a trendy entertainment source. This type of media is a bit unique. It does not have any random video attachment or background music.

All it has is a clean audio discussion. Surprisingly, it is getting popular among the young generation. So, the question is, why are podcasts so popular? The answer is simple, yet you need to know several things about it.

Unlike most entertainment media, a podcast only targets a certain discussion. It can be a story, critic, argument, ideas, teaching, or anything. Because of such simple and attractive media production,

Podcasts have taken quite a lot of interest from our generation. Probably, you will be the next Podcast fan after reading our introductory review. Let’s start with the introduction of this amazing entertainment media.

What Is a Podcast?

Before anything else, you need to know what Podcast means? A Podcast platform allows the user to enjoy streamed audio and even download it. You can enjoy it anywhere at any time.

A little subscription fee may be charged in some cases. Although most of the contents are free, there is no additional charge for downloading or anything else. This gives you a good view of the platform. Let’s talk about podcast media design.

Podcast audio media comes as a series. Thus, you can create a personal playlist to enjoy however you want. Usually, the podcast creator talks over a topic and provides insight as a series of discussions.

There, every episode is managed carefully with the highest precision. The sound design would be smooth and have no annoying background.

On the other hand, the discussions are not some low-level talking. The media creator provides their ideas or opinion with theoretical and practical logic. Depending on the topic, there may be additional resources given by the creator.

One of the most popular podcasts is story sharing. So, it proves that there is no limit to it. This is like an open-world voice-sharing mechanism.
Additional resources mean notes, papers, website references, book references, researched data, personal thoughts, logical explanations, future thoughts, or anything else.

Besides, it is also a great way of sharing personal thoughts and ideas. If you have something interesting to share, everyone would love to listen to that. This is the very idea of using podcasts.

Podcast Types

A little reminder is that, even though podcasts started as audio media, it has several categories by now. It has gained so much popularity that few other categories were introduced.

Now, there are both audio and video media. They are categorized as audio and video podcasts. Below are the available podcast categories till now.

  • Scripted Podcast: Fiction
  • Narrative Podcast: Non-fiction
  • Podcast Novel
  • Interview/Conversonal Podcast
  • Hybrid Podcast
  • Live Podcast
  • Video Podcast

History Of Podcasts

The idea of a Podcast has been around for a long time. But, the implementation wasn’t there. It didn’t have an individual platform. The history of podcasts starts in 2000. A person named Tristan Louis proposed the idea of using podcasts. Later, the idea came to action by the author of the RSS format, Dave Winer.

We mentioned that podcasts are pretty similar to our radio channel services. Although, there were a few random trials to promote podcasts in 2003, which didn’t get success. Soon after that, the platform started to grow.

In 2005, Apple officially provided podcast support in iTunes. Later, many audio devices provided podcast compatibility, and the journey kept ongoing. Now, we can enjoy Podcasts through any online device via supported apps.


Why Are Podcasts Becoming So Popular?

No wonder why it is so popular! Many reasons are there for podcasts to earn such praise. Our regular talk shows or discussion videos are full of promotional talk.

Even more, there are too many random topic mixtures that the main topic gets left out. Podcasts remove those issues by focusing on the topic and relevant knowledge. Because of that, every word is precise and on point to the topic. You may learn something in an hour that took you days to understand.

Besides, there are a lot of different categories right now. Fiction, non-fiction, research, motivational, and so many other podcast types are in action. It is more than enough to let you spend hours just listening in peace.

Besides, it allows the creator to share things directly with the interested audience. Easy to create and easy to share. So, it benefits the creator and audience at the same time. For the fact, there are other reasons behind its popularity. We are mentioning them so take a look.

Podcasts Allow Multitasking & Podcasting For Everyone

Multitasking means managing multiple works at the same time. While listening to podcasts, you can just put the earphones on and do whatever you want.

There is no problem doing something and listening to it at the same time. On the other hand, there is no user or topic restriction. Anyone can create and share podcasts in any genre like comedy, social, politics, health, science, history, and so on. At the same time, anyone can enjoy the media as well.


They Are Easy To Access

There is no hassle in using Podcast media. Just get the access through an authorized app and enjoy. Create a playlist for your favorite podcast and enjoy the collection from anywhere at any time.

You can even download them to use while offline. Moreover, it is even easier than using Youtube. Because all the podcast contents are categorized and easy to search. So, access to the podcast platform and media both are equally user-friendly.

They Build Intimacy

Intimacy defines the connection between host and audience. When you listen to an original podcast creator and like it, intimacy or admiration happens. You may even use their words as your reference or inspiration.

Besides, you can also interact with them on social media platforms. So, intimacy does happen between you and your favorite speaker.

Podcasts Are Time Savers

Just think about reading a 100-page storybook and listening to it from someone. Probably, you are busy enough to have reading time. It also needs mood and preparation.

In the end, you need to spend a lot of time. On the other hand, podcasts let you listen to the same story anywhere at any time. It saves a lot of preparation and time. This goes the same for other discussion or listening media as well.

Provide An Instant Community

Every podcast creator creates their personal community. This helps to interact with the audience and fans. So, whenever you are getting into a podcast series, the creator’s community is ready to assist you.

Thus, every user gets an instant community service from each interaction. It is really an intimidating feature that you will not get on most media platforms.

Easy To Monetizing A Podcast

Podcasts have a lot of loyal audiences. As most contents are free, the use of sponsorship or advertising has become necessary. It does take a lot of effort to create such amazing content. So, the creator deserves to earn something in return.

Because of that, the creator needs to monetize the content. But, it is pretty easy. As producers have their own community and targeted audience, they can easily monetize the content and earn a decent royalty.

Help To Reach The Perfect Audience

As we mentioned in previous sections, podcast creators have their personal community. It helps them to communicate with the interested people instantly and directly without any intermediaries.

Because of such a unique community design, the creator is always in touch with the targeted audience. On most platforms, you need to find the perfect audience. But everyone is ready here. So, podcasts always help the creator to find the best audience within the closest range.

Podcasts Are Entertaining For Audience

Without a doubt, podcasts are way more entertaining than regular media design. The most important part is the on-topic discussion. There are no random or unnecessary things here.

Whatever you are getting gives you expected entertainment. It can be a social talk, scientific research, educational study, motivational talk, or anything else. Whatever the topic, you are interacting and sharing real thoughts.

Besides, it is easy to use and enjoyable even with other works. So, most people review it as really entertaining and satisfactory. The most surprising part is that you are getting all these without spending anything. They are all free to stream or download.

The Bright Future Of Podcasting

It’s been a long time where media users are asking for smart media platforms. The interaction, contents, service quality, the content design would be all on point.

No bluffing or unnecessary mix will be there. That is what everyone wants. Podcasts portray such a media platform. People can relax and enjoy smooth and mind-blowing thoughts with large communities.

There is no restriction so everyone can explore everything there. Every content is organized and comes step by step. This is what every media platform should follow.

Besides, this is a platform suitable for both content creators and audiences. If you are a podcast creator, then all the audience is within your reach through the community.

You can share easily, but you can also learn other thoughts and creative ideas from the audience. As an audience, you get to interact directly with the creator and discuss anything to share personal thoughts.

It is the highest level of learning mechanism we could dream of. Considering all these, the future is pretty promising for podcasts, and they will keep growing.

The Bottom Line

A podcast is the ideal media design we want to enjoy. It is not only entertaining but also so satisfying. The content structure and platform design are something you should try out today.

As we mentioned, it is a type of audio media where the content producer discusses or talks about any topic. The contents come as a series, so you have several steps to get into each discussion.

Besides, there is an individual community for every podcast that will help you to gain and share thoughts.

Moreover, all these entertaining media facilities are coming for free. You can access it from any online device through supported apps.

Thus, your free period will never be a boring time waste anymore. Just plug in the earphone and start listening to the most favorite thing you want. It can be a story or the most wanted motivation you are looking for.

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