Why is CBD Oil So Expensive?

The natural cannabinoid CBD is popular for people struggling with various discomforts like pain, inflammation, and sleep disorders. But the cost seems to be the downside of CBD products. CBD oil prices are high.

You, as well as many first-time users, may ask, why is CBD oil expensive? If you truly want to know why CBD is so expensive, you should read this article thoroughly. Our main goal is to make you understand why good CBD oil is so expensive.

Some CBD users might think it’s a good idea to purchase the cheapest CBD they can find easily. But the idea is not correct because the cheapest CBD products may not be effective enough to work for you. Remember, high-quality CBD oil products usually take time and money to produce, and it’s worth purchasing more expensive CBD oil products.

Why Good Quality CBD OIL Is So Expensive

There is no doubt that to buy high-quality CBD oil, you need to spend more money comparing other health products. In fact, if you are planning to buy the strongest CBD oil, you will notice a high amount of price range that may differ from brand to brand.

Moreover, the high price of good quality CBD is actually due to various reasons, like maintaining originality, the difficulty of the product’s growing and manufacturing, and the fees that growers and distributors have to pay. There is another most significant reason, which is the limited supply against the overwhelming growing demand.

CBD costs are greatly affected by issues such as organic certification, the extraction method used, third-party lab testing, and legal restrictions.

Organic Certification

Good quality hemp extracts are the first and foremost condition of good quality CBD oil products. Non-genetically modified seedlings can ensure your products stay free from artificial interference. Organic hemp, grown in clean air and good soil, can give good quality extracts.

Hemp can draw toxins from the soil, including heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury. History says that hemp would be used in agriculture to clean the soil between crop rotations, and for this reason, hemp should be grown organically in the right soil conditions to keep the end product free from toxins.

For organic certification, any CBD brand must meet some strict standards. Because their fields and farm premises are subject to regular inspections, everything from fertilizers to harvesting must come from an approved list. Setting up a farm to reach these standards is expensive, but the result is a high-quality product grown without artificial pesticides or fertilizers.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

The supercritical Co2 extraction method uses a cold manufacturing process, enabling CBD to maintain an almost exact chemical composition like that of the plant in its natural state. This CBD can maintain all its beneficial properties, which have already proven to be the most effective.

This distinct extraction method uses carbon dioxide to extract hemp oil from the raw plant material without any alcohol or solvents, and consequently, you obtain CBD in its completely purest form.

This specified Supercritical CO2 extraction must use expensive specialist equipment that compresses the CO2 gas into hemp. Then the extraction process turns the compressed CO2 gas into its supercritical form, which may be between a gas and a liquid somewhere.

Then this supercritical form gets attached to the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant materials found in the hemp, separating them from the base plant elements.

When the pressure is removed, the CO2 again turns back into a gas, with all the combinations falling away from the plant material. Then the gas is detached from the extracted material; the only thing left is a clean and pure CBD oil extract.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified

Few CBD companies hold GMP certification as an award given to companies ensuring their products stick to rigorous quality standards. GMP certification is not for all.

This certification is designed to minimize the risks in pharmaceutical production. It is given only to worthy companies and cannot be obliterated through testing the final products.

You will find many newer brands that sell CBD products from other companies rebranding them as their own only through white labeling. In this viable method, if the source’s quality is reliable, many sellers will never be able to guarantee the real conditions from which their products have come.

GMP laboratories meet the strictest regulations required for products to have a pharmaceutical grade. So if you buy your CBD from a company without a GMP certification, you might unknowingly buy potentially harmful CBD products produced under poor conditions.

Third-Party Lab Testing on Every Batch

Today the CBD industry is well on its way to becoming mainstream, but many companies selling CBD products aren’t up to standard with their manufacturing practices.

They don’t take the essential precautions to ensure a safe and effective product. So, while choosing a CBD product, you should always check whether your brand has the 3rd party lab testing to check for pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins.

Good quality hemp oil manufacturers spend time, money, and resources on quality control by ensuring that third-party labs test every batch of their products.


Why are Some Products So Cheap?

Some CBD products are cheap because they are made with CBD isolate, an almost pure form of CBD, comparatively less expensive to produce.

Though the products made with CBD isolate can be a good option for you when strapped for cash, you will not get any other beneficial cannabinoids and plant materials found in broad and full-spectrum items.

The entourage effect theory says that the presence of other substances in CBD oil may modify the effects of CBD. Another reason why CBD may be cheap is that it could be a scam.

Hundreds of unethical sellers attempt to pass off their hemp seed oil, or other low-cost oils, as CBD to bump up the price.

How to Decide If a Product is Genuine

To decide if a CBD product is genuine, you should follow this checklist:

  • You should look for well-known retailers with good reputations and many customer reviews.
  • Seeking companies with a membership of a trusted industry body like CannaPro or the Cannabis Trades Association is a good way to ensure a genuine product.
  • Try to see the clear, informative details, including the same amount of CBD contained in mg. For example, “1000mg CBD”, but not “1000mg”.
  • Check the third-party lab certificates backing up the amount of CBD it contains.

Look for any claims that the product may have specific medical benefits. Genuine retailers will never sell it based on health claims. Checking for certificates from official organic authorities is a good way to be sure you’re getting quality CBD.

You should also check for the official logo and registration number to ensure that the product is authentic.

In Closing – Why CBD Oil Is Expensive

Nowadays, many CBD companies buy their hemp from independent farms or outsource. They can’t ensure their product’s safety and effectiveness. A good quality product needs expensive cultivation, making process and equipment. So, the cost of that CBD oil may seem to be expensive.

As the CBD industry started to develop, safer and more cost-effective ways of producing good quality hemp extracts should be developed.

Cheap production practices can leave you with low-quality products without containing a full spectrum of cannabinoids or using dangerous solvents or chemicals that could leave behind harmful remnants in your product.

Choosing a product with a lower price tag might seem to be cost-effective, but you should check the safety and quality, which are crucial to ensure you are not swallowing anything harmful.

So, while choosing CBD oil at a lower price, you should also check if your brand is transparent about its manufacturing practices.

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