Why Would Anyone Buy the Meta Quest Pro: Is It Worth To Use!!

Meta Quest Pro is here guys. It is the best VR headset in the market. We have been waiting for a long time to experience VR just like reality. Finally, we have a device that can collaborate seamlessly with the virtual world and the real world. You may have seen such a device in many Sci-fi movies. Now, it’s online and available for order. However, the price starts from $1,499.99! So, you can guess, it isn’t cheap at all. But, is it worth the value? Let’s check out what comes with the package and features. You need to find out its worth from our quest pro review.

What is the Meta Quest Pro?

Meta Quest Pro

What is the meta quest pro? Precisely, it is an interesting VR device, unlike anything you have seen. Usually, we use VR headsets only to watch 3D things. As an example, 3D movies. It allows us to enjoy the virtual world closely, which seems pretty real. But there are other usages as well. Like exploring a virtual world or working with it. But, those features or actions were limited. Previous VR sets could not work simultaneously with reality.

Here comes meta quest pro. It has an advanced VR feature that you will learn about in the later section. Just know that it can work with VR and reality. That’s why it is named a mixed reality (MR) device. Using it, you can experience the real world while working in a virtual world is what it offers. Besides, you can actually work in the virtual world. It has a dedicated control that allows you to do so. So, this device is a new solution for virtual production work, presentations, and many more. The possibilities are beyond reach. As for its history, it is one of the meta’s top technologies and devices. They launched it on October 11, 2022.

Main Objective Behind the Quest Pro

Main Objective Behind the Quest Pro

Meta quest pro is indeed a new device with brand-new technology. But, what was the purpose and what can you do now? VR has a lot of potential. It is like a virtual world, just like the real world. The difference is that there is no limit to it. You create a whole new world whenever you like it. But, there is a limit to access. Previously, we could only move around or see the virtual world. However, meta quest pro has two unique groundbreaking features. One is mixed reality, and the other is face tracking.

Now, you can view the virtual world along with the real world. You don’t have to jump around or hit the wall by mistake. The face-tracking feature is quite mind-blowing. Now, you can do presentations or even teach through the virtual world. Your movement will be the same as you do in real life. Aside from the improved headset, it also has a unique controller to control the virtual movement. Meta is a business platform. Thus, this device perfectly suits commercial ideas because of its plan. It will improve virtual production and allow you to multitask.

Honestly, this is what we have been looking for for years. Virtual reality has so much to offer. But we are yet to explore more of it. Surprisingly, quest pro has come, and it is like a leap to advanced technology. Now, you can represent yourself directly in the virtual world. You can have an avatar, and it will do whatever you do. The tracking is mind-blowing and accurate.

Besides, the touch control makes things even easier. In the professional sector, we have to use multiple things together. But it is a bit harder to imprint the same opportunity in the virtual world. Surprisingly, the new control allows you to manage multiple workspaces simultaneously accurately. That’s a huge leap for commercial usage. If you are the right user, meta quest pro is worth using.

Changes So Far

Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 2

Now, you should learn a bit more about the difference. Meta quest pro is the successor of its previous version, meta quest 2. So, it will be better if you learn about their differences.

Table: Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 2

What is the biggest change between quest 2 vs quest pro? Quest 2 was designed for gamers. It has features that will give you a better gaming experience. But, quest pro doesn’t give an improved gaming experience. Most people would think that quest pro will be a better gaming VR device. But, it is not. Rather, it gives more production and multitasking possibilities. The price validates the difference. While quest 2 is affordable for gamers, quest pro is quite expensive.

However, you can see the feature upgrades. Almost every feature is improved in quest pro except for the gaming part. It has better sound quality, stronger hardware, the latest tracking feature, advanced control, and so on. Even more, it has the most revolutionary feature, mixed reality(MR). This is a completely new feature for quest pro. Along with this, the color support has improved by a mile. Another major change is the overall design. Gaming is a long process, it is true. Quest 2 has served its purpose. But professional work isn’t as smooth as gaming.

None of these advanced features were available in quest 2. It was more like a gaming VR use with improved efficiency. However, we have seen a huge design improvement in quest pro. Although, the gaming features remain the same. Now, it is more comfortable for multitasking or heavy workers. Even after using it for a long session wouldn’t make you uncomfortable. A similar and noticeable improvement is also available for the sound system. Considering the previous model, it is more precise and more appealing. That is certainly a good thing. So far these are the major and noticeable changes comparing meta quest pro vs quest 2.

Why Do You Need to Buy it?

You already know quite a lot about meta quest pro. If we have to put some unique features to convince you then these are things we would consider. Firstly, the mixed reality feature. This is the very first device to introduce such a technology. It changes the previous concept and virtual world. This is more like getting a step closer to a new virtual revolution like those sci-fi movies. This feature also comes with full-color support. comparing, quest 2, they claim it to be 4 times better. The next major feature is face tracking.

Now, you can virtualize yourself and work with it. Quest Pro makes this impossible thing possible. To do so, it has advanced face tracking. Even more, it has a whole new control. As you know, this device is more suitable for production and multitasking. So, that control allows you to work more with higher efficiency. It will be one of the most demanding VR products for commercial purposes. They are also offering a charging dock as an extra addition. These are the things we consider.

The price may seem way higher. But, these technologies are the latest gen VR tech that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Another particular feature is the new VR headset design. It is hard to believe how comfortable the new meta quest pro is. No matter how long you use it, there is hardly any uncomfortable feeling. It is designed to be used for a long time. The whole experience is smooth and reliable.

  • Mixed reality
  • Face tracking
  • Advanced touch control
  • New controller design
  • Whole new comfortable headset design
  • Full-color support
  • Production and multitasking support
  • Avatar tracking

Cons of Quest Pro

There isn’t much to talk about quest pro cons. It is giving us what we were only dreaming about. So, putting cons into a whole new technology is a bit hard. But there is something we need to mention. First of all, this device is really expensive. Yes, it has so many new features and usages. But the previous one was only $399.99. But quest pro is 1499.99. that makes it exclusive for only high-end users. That’s a downside. Another problem is its storage. It should have been way higher. Quest pro only has 256 GB of storage. It is the same as quest 2, which is available at $499.99.

The third con is its gaming compatibility. Meta quest pro for gaming isn’t a good choice. It exceeds the affordable range. We understand that this one is for productivity rather than gaming. Yet, it should have more VR gaming features. Unfortunately, it remains the same. The last issue is not about the device. Rather, it is about the usage. Like it or not, meta quest pro has limited usage for now. Because there isn’t enough research or development on it. So, it is expected to increase over time but not a good thing for now.

  • Expensive
  • Limited user
  • No upgrade for gamers
  • Low usage


What is the Meta Quest Pro Used for?

It is used for virtual multitask and workspace.

Other VR Sets than Meta Quest Pro?

For the VR set, you can consider Valve Index, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive Pro 2, HTC Cosmos Elite, HP Reverb G2 or HTC Vive Flow.

Final Thoughts

Meta Quest pro is an innovation for VR development. It unlocks the possibility of using VR for regular work rather than just watching movies or playing games. The package comes with a few accessories. Meta quest VR headset, charging dock, and a few things are there. You may learn more than enough things from the discussion. Is the quest pro worth it? What do you think?

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